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I'm trying to see things from your point of view...

But I can't get my head that far up my ass!

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Honesty is a Bitch
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Welcome to the nut house!
This is honesty on the edge, honesty on PMS, honesty in its rarest form, honesty on crack, honesty that can be bitchy.
As a community, we pledge to not hold back and deliver our honest opinions on any topic, issue, or problem. You may also take polls in order to generate discussion, or ask for advice. Confess secrets!! Say what you wouldn't say to someone in "real" life!!!
A few words of caution and a few words of wisdom. First, this is an honesty forum. We talk about EVERYTHING here. Nothing is sacred. So, if you're the easily offended type, I suggest you get out while you can. Second, don't bitch and whine when people attack you on here. It's been my experience that people will spout the meanest things to you on one post then completely agree with you on another. If you can't handle the duplicity, then get out while you can. Third, I would avoid making comments if you have nothing to back it up. Sometimes this place spirals into name calling and vile suggestions, but most of the people who say them, can intellectually back them up if they wanted. This is a good place to make friends if you enjoy a new opinion, a quick wit, and a spirited debate. It's honestly bitchy!

Warning....this is an Adult community. Be advised there may be strong language, sexual content and a whole bunch of other crazy shit.

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RULES of Honesty is a bitch:

1.) Most importantly, make sure you read lj's terms of service because the rules of lj are bigger than any community and you should be aware of these rules to avoid any future problems. The Terms of Service can be found here:

2.) Stick to the subject of honesty, whether it be how you honestly feel about a topic, person, or occurance in your life or about wanting honest feedback. In other words, we do not want to hear about your mundane tasks of the day. That belongs in your personal journal.

3.) If you have a problem with another lj user, please email me, and i will handle it in the best way possible. Please direct all bashing posts to brutal_drama.

4.) No ADVERTISING of any kind is allowed. This also includes no advertisements of other communities unless it is approved by me before hand. Email me at nicolereneeburgess@yahoo.com to ask.

5.) No screening or disabling of comments is allowed in any post.

6.) You may not delete any comments or posts.

7.) English ONLY please. Any posts in another language will be deleted.

8.) Don't get carried away with pictures. If you can't make your point without them, you need to go back to school. I will judge if it is inappropriate or not. I will ask you to put the picture under a link or remove it if it is not needed in post. This will be a case by case basis.

NOTE: I reserve the right to ban any member for any reason. Rules are set in order to instill boundaries and assure members of certain rights. I will enforce a removal of a member after two warnings, in most cases.

If you have any problems email the moderator at

MODERATOR: mrsblackorchid

Testimonials from members who allegedly like this place:

angelundrcover says:
"There’s this community I joined and it's quite humorous and has kept me entertained. I wouldn't recommend a place like this for someone new to LJ. I like it here. It is quite entertaining in a stress relief sort of way. Some of us are ummmm.....slightly demented. Some of us are assholes. Some of us are somewhat nice, but don't expect it often. Anyway, it's a great community. Come play, bitch and chew someone out. After all, it's what life's all about."

anomie666 says: honestyisabitch has been pissing off commie liberal assholes and nutjob nazi fucks since 2004. I love honestyisabitch and it gets the anomie666 seal of approval.

evilwhitemale says: "Allow me to introduce you to honestyisabitch, a community that is hopping with all kinds of discussion and it's totally honest. Everybody speaks their mind in a no-holds-barred manner. Warning! This can be a rough place people. Don't join if you have an aversion to strong language and insults. In fact, I GUARANTEE that somebody will insult you at some point. Probably repeatedly. Other than that, have fun."

phoenix_blade says: This place is fucking aweso--
Wait, why am I in Canada and where the fuck are my pants?

pookerd says: "If you join this community, be fore warned. The grammar and P.C. Police patrol these regions like a cop patrolling the local Dunkin Dounuts. Anything that you say, will be taken the wrong way and you will most likely have others who attempt to crucify you at all points, this especially applies if they find your political stance. Though there are those of us who don't care about your grammar and the perfection and honing of your typing skills, you will quickly find out who falls into what category. If you are looking for a clean debate, fuck it. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Slander is our best friend."

rachel_nicole used the following quote to go with the community:
"Just remember, arguing on the internet is like racing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

uhmet says: "honestyisabitch will make you have an unbelievably ferocious orgasm. i know. i came three times on my first entry."

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