The Jena 6

I'm confused...people are protesting in Louisiana for punishing those responsible for a brutal beating?

Al Sharpton said, "They brought the racism, we didn't." Maybe if, instead of six African-Americans beating ONE white, it was the other way around, it would be racism and Sharpton and his cronies would be calling for harsh punishments and justice.

"The justice system isn't applied the same to all crimes and all people." Yeah, I think that's pretty true in this case.
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"You're a good kisser!"

You know what I don't like? I hate when people kiss for the first time and the girl blurts out, "You're a good kisser." Becuase they say it like they were waiting to say it. They say it like it's supposed to make the guy feel good about himself. What the crap?...

First off, if the guy is a good kisser then you won't be talking the moment he stops kissing you. You'll be too busy looking at him all googly-eyed.

Second, who the fuck are you to critique him? Are you some kind of kissing expert? Are you more qualified than him? Why does your opinion on his kissing prowess matter? Was he auditioning for you? Was it his job to impress you? Why should he give a crap what you think of the nuances of his technique? Isn't it a team effort anyway? If the kiss sucked then aren't you 50% responsible for that?

He wants you to say how much you like him, not how talented you think he is at moving his lips. It's supposed to be a special moment. Your first kiss. Don't make it about judging his skills. Don't make the kiss something merely physical. Was there a spark? Was there warmth? Did you see fireworks? No. You were too busy measuring the velocity, the overall form and the dismount.

You aren't making him feel special by complimenting his kissing skills. You're doing the opposite. You are putting him below you and making yourself the kissing judge while he is only a contestant ~ and you are comparing him to the oodles of dudes you've kissed so far, so it's not like he's all that special because you do this with almost every dude. It's actually a fairly insulting thing to say at that moment.

Noboody is going to tell you this (nobody but me) because most dudes are just glad to be getting kissed at all. But it's stupid. Don't tell a dude he's a good kisser right after you kiss him -- especially not the first time. It would be like... telling him he's a snappy dresser at your wedding. I don't know. It's just dumb.

How would you like it if you just experienced your first time together -- had this mind-blowing love making session that left you giddy and in love, and it was so beautiful -- then he rolls over and says, "You're a good fucker!"

What would you say? "Thanks. I try to stay in shape. I practice fucking my pillows every other weekend. Not every weekend. I don't want to get too bulky."

Tell him he's sweet. Tell him he makes you feel special. Better yet, just look into his eyes and sigh. Don't say, "You're a pretty good kisser. I'd rate you among the top twenty dudes I've kissed this week. No, seriously! You're good. You could be in a kissing contest. Like, if kissing was an event on a game show, you could be on there. You'd have a shot at the prize. Your bottom lip has got this great grip. That swirl at the end was phenomenal. Do you practice on your arm? I bet you practice on your arm."

*shakes head*

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Culture of violence

X Posted from an earlier post in the b0st0n community.

One of the black community leaders in Boston (Rev. Bruce Wall) has threatened to send out "tourist warnings" about violence to hurt the city economically. He is using this threat as a way of getting more cops hired and more money for social programs.

So, I wrote him a letter.

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the most heinous crime you will never hear about...

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I've been reading several blogs about the Christian-Newsom murders. In this case, two young college students were out on a date and were going over a friends house to watch some movies when they were car jacked. These two were then kidnapped and taken to a house where Chris Newsom was repeatedly gang raped, tortured, suffered genital mutilation, and was executed all while Channon Christian was forced to watch. Afterwards, she was also repeatedly raped, had one of her breasts cut off, was forced to drink bleach to mask DNA evidence and was executed, cut up and placed in four garbage bags.

They were sadistically murdered by a group of 5 blacks. No national media converage of this case exists at all, yet we get blanket coverage of the innocent Duke lacrosse players.

I do like this quote from the blog of a black woman:

Of course, the murderous deeds and thuggish ways of black criminals shouldn’t define all blacks. But if you try to pretend that it’s not a serious problem that blacks commit a disproportionate share of crimes — an incontrovertible fact — or that the lack of blanket media coverage and outrage has nothing to do with race, you’re being willfully blind and foolish.

This case has no national coverage precisely because of the race of the victims and victimizers. Could you imagine the media attention this would receive if it was a black couple tortured and murdered by a gang of whites?

Goodbye Cindy

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It now turns out that Cindy Sheehan is calling it quits. She must have had some strange illusion about how politics actually works since she is shocked that she has received criticism from the left as well as the right. Her title to this diary post is very apt, because she is an attention whore. This is the very same woman who went on a hunger strike but allowed herself some jamba juice! Even in her goodbye letter she makes such attention whore statements such as:

I have sacrificed a 29 year marriage and have traveled for extended periods of time away from Casey’s brother and sisters and my health has suffered and my hospital bills from last summer (when I almost died) are in collection because I have used all my energy trying to stop this country from slaughtering innocent human beings

Oy. Cindy, you do not speak for all families who have lost loved ones in this war. You were simply co-opted by the anti-war left for political purposes and then dropped by them when you were no longer needed. Your tactics backfired and you became a liability and not an asset to the democratic party.

I hate to see you go Cindy!

Bad day pick me up!

Whenever I'm having a bad day and need a quick cheering up, I simply read Rosie's blog. Her massive stupidity and nutty conspiracy theory perspectives just warm my heart and make me oh so happy.

Read anything that she writes and you are quickly amazed at her lack of intelligence. She can't even form sentences, but writes in this stream of consciousness jumbled mix of ignorant rant and odd random observation.

This is a woman that people actually think deserves serious input into public policy debates? This is a woman who has the IQ of an elementary school student!