Experience vs. Change? My ass

So this morning on CNN there was all of the pundits talking about the Iowa caucus. On the democratic side, several of them mentioned that the dividing line between voters was whether they felt experience was more important or change was more important. They mentioned that Hilary Clinton was the choice for those wishing for experience while Obama was the candidate of change.

Hilary Clinton is the candidate of experience? Are you fucking shittin me? What experience does she really have?

Is it the experience of being the wife of a philanderer that "stood by her man" even when he was porking someone in the oval office? Is it the experience of heading up a failed health care task force that would have dramatically bureaucratized health care? Is it the experience of someone who hid documents from the Whitewater investigation because it showed a conflict of interest in her working on the case? Is it the experience of being a "born again New Yorker" and jumping on the grave of Daniel Patrick Moynihan to run for his senate seat?

The only reason she won New York is her husbands popularity and she has been an incredibly ineffectual representative to New Yorkers. Remember, Hilary (like John Kerry) was one of the people who made impassioned speeches on the Senate floor about the dangers of Saddam Hussein and how the safety of the region and the long term safety of the United States required we take military action.

Experience? Please, tell me what experience she has to be President?
you you!!!

Christmas makes me want to choke a bitch.

Sometimes I hate kids. They are selfish. They are thoughtless. And the worst part? I used to be one of them.

I was shopping at the dollar store when I saw these kids with their moms. They were running around and causing chaos. The youngest boy kept asking for things and throwing them into the basket. The mom kept saying no, and that the boy already had a toy, and kept putting the things back. Eventually the little brat started crying and mom gave in and put the item in the cart. The same clan was in front of me at the cash register. I noticed that the mom was paying for everything in food stamps. I realized the mom had just bought her kids their Christmas toys with her food stamps. It made me sad. The worst part was, that bratty kid was just like me when I was that age.

It reminded me of the my worst Christmas. My dad had been ill one year and my parents had struggled to pay the rent. Despite the hard times, he had gotten better and back to work in time for them to pay the bills. I guess Christmas had snuck up on them with all the effort they put into saving our home.

There wasn't much money left but my mom realized it was Christmas and took us to town to buy presents. I remember throwing a tantrum at Toy 'R Us because I couldn't have the Cabbage Patch kid (remember when it was impossible to get one) I had been wanting all year. I had no idea the reality of the situation, nor had I the ability to understand just what a brat I was being. Not a Christmas goes by that I don't think about how my mom must have felt and how I wished I had understood.
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I was a vegetarian for 4 years. I became that way because i was tired of being hypocritical by saying that i loved animals so much but then i would eat them. I turned back to eating meat after gaining weight due to eating way too many starches to compensate.

I just watched this video and i am seriously thinking about either becoming one again or only buying kosher meat. This is revolting. I think this video should be watched by every single meat eater. I think we owe it to the animals to watch their pain. It made me cry and warning: IT IS HORRIBLE.


Honest confession

Every day I pray to God that he will convince John Paul Stevens to retire while George Bush is still President. I'm not praying for his death or anything evil like that, but I'm not exactly praying he stays alive either.

If one more Supreme Court justice swings toward the side of actually following the Constitution, we could end so many perverted and sickening decisions.

If that happens, that would be something I'd give thanks for.

Blah... holidays.

Holidays used to be a lot of fun. I remember as a kid not being able to sleep the night before Christmas. I loved the gifts, the decorations and days off at school.


Maybe it's because I don't have children, but I don't feel any holiday spirit at all. I promised myself I would get dressed up at Halloween, as I do every year, but I was too busy for a costume and my friends were so worried about the lay-offs at work, they didn't party.

I want to spend Thanksgiving in Las Vegas so I could avoid a family get together. I DO NOT WANT to bake a Turkey or have mash potatoes (which is what we do every year). I was purposely going to eat sushi or a hot dog or something completely un-Thanksgiving just cuz Thanksgiving has gotten so boring for me.

I don't want to get gifts this year for Christmas. Mostly it's because most of us have tight budgets right now and everyone is requesting that no one gets gifts. Personally, I just don't feel like it. BAAAAAH. I could care less. I'm not decorating the house either. I know we'll have parties and get togethers I must go to, but I'd rather stay home and surf the net.

I just want to be in Vegas. Vegas has become my happy place.
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I love you Eddie. But you're too damn dense to realize that! Thanks to YOUR lack of caring, I'm with a guy who loves my best friend more than me. I love you, but I'll never tell you. Why? Because I'm not good enough for you. I'm socially below you and my life has fallen to shit. The devil is the only stable constant in my life, and I wish you could see me out of that. But no, I go on loving you, like I have nothing, maybe on one, better to do with my time. I don't even want to do you. I just want to lie on the couch with you and play video games. I've fallen in love with you, and I hate you for that!
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happy pills

OMG Real Gangsta!

henwy has the best posts. Ever. Highly recommend adding him, if he's accepting more friends. Here's another one I ganked from him.

Here's a pic of 2 of the Jena 6 at BET hiphop awards this week.

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Here's a pic of one of the 6 on his myspace page where he was posting pictures of himself with hundred dollar bills stuffed into his mouth, supposedly from the donations people were sending in for his defense.

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Comments? Discuss?

The more you know, here's a wiki article and an ED article on the Jena 6 case:
And shameless self-promotion, here's another post about Jena 6 I wrote
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Just take my order, douche:

You know what I hate? I hate when you pull up to the thing at the drive-thru and the person asks, "How are you?" What am I supposed to do... start telling her about my day? I just want a cheeseburger. Ask me if you can take my order. Don't ask me about how I am or the weather or what I like to watch on TV or whatever. Don't be friendly. Just take my order and send me on my merry way.

THEM: Welcome to Hardees. How are you today?

ME: I'm doing okay. How are you? ...

THEM: (pause)

ME: How is everything at home? ... Okay, I want a number two with the curly fries and a Coke.
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I am so uncomfortable being around people in a social setting (where I actually have to talk to them, and look like I'm interested in what they have to say) that I either have to 1. Chain-smoke like the apocalypse is coming 2. Drink until I black-out 3. Get high for days on end. I hate people who have an easy time connecting with others. So, I pretty much hate 99.9% of the world. Present company excluded, of course...:P

What really sucks though is that I truly want to be around people. I love being around people. I just don't feel comfortable unless I'm all-fucked in the head. This is 60 mg of Prozac later. So, you know I'm fucked.