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33 reasons FEMA dist. 10 and this state sux

  1.  Won't allow me to leave because, "You're not using my truck."
  2.  Won't find daycare, "I can't afford it."  Earlier it was, "No, I'm not watching the kids."
  3.  Tells me to leave, but won't co-operate with planning. See one and two.
  4.  Tells me, "You're a deadbeat mom."
  5.  Tells me, "You're crazy though."
  6.  No amount of discussion is going to resolve the issues.  He'll pick a RED HERRING out of the so called arguement/discussion and attempt to make that THE POINT.
  7.  Diverts from the issue, intentionally, and trys to tell me that I'M THE PROBLEM.
  8.  Speaking plain and simple English isn't enough for him.
  9.  Can't tell him that he didn't follow through with what WE PLANNED.
  10.  And it was WE at the time because I distinctly remember talking with you and you agreed.
  11.  Didn't discuss what happened with the tax money.  Would NOT discuss what happened with the tax money for over a year.  2007 I find out WHAT happened with the money and he did not offer an excuse for not allowing me to leave or get my housing other than, "You're not USING ME to do it."
  12.  So much for "help".
  13.  FEMA says that you are "FAMILY", regardless of estrangement for years and years.
  14.  FEMA refuses to pay reimbursement for housing expenses.
  15.  I pay 1/2 of rent and utilities, which is 100% more than I paid living in Louisiana.
  16.  I'm not familiar with this neighborhood.  I have to be in two places at the same time.  I can't.
  17.  The kids are not old enough to stay home alone.  He can't be trusted with them, either. He wouldn't watch them, anyway.
  18.  He drinks excessively and everyone here pays for it verbally and emotionally. Kept up all hours of the night with his friends, radio, loud rambling. 4AM.
  19. Kids too tired for school b/c of his drunken B.S.  Have never missed school before for reasons such as this!
  20.  Tells me, "Go ahead and leave.  You're not USING ME to do it."
  21.  What would USING YOU have to do with it? You said you would, "Help" so what are you doing to, "help?".
  22.  You dictate EVERYTHING in my life. Food. Transportation. Housing. Discipline. Relaxation (non-existant), freetime, personal enjoyment, healthcare.
  23.  You sit there and do NOTHING.  You tell me, "Do you're job.  Clean the house."
  24.  You tell the kids, "I'm going to give each of you part of the tax money so that you can spend it on what you want." Then never does.
  25.  You tell me, "I'm going to set up an account for you."  That's a joke.  
  26.  The first words out of your mouth were, "I want child-support back. I'm going to make your life hell."  I believe you as you already have made my life hell and my kids lives hell.
  27.  You can't agree and stick to an agreement.
  28.  You say this and that and NEVER follow through.  You make promises you CANT KEEP and HAVE NO INTENTION OF KEEPING both to ME and to MY KIDS.
  29.  You do as you damn well please, you JERK.
  30.  I'm not allowed to have the surgery that was scheduled because YOU REFUSE to pick me up as is required by the physician.  I was told that I CANNOT just TAKE THE BUS.  I was supposed to have surgery the day KATRINA HIT.
  31.  Kids no longer want to live here, either.  Would rather be in foster care b/c of contant arguing.  I don't blame them.  I blame THAT STUPID JERK.
  32.  Can't explain their feelings to him and have him understand.
  33.  I'm not allowed to have my own life.



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