More Cowbell! (anomie666) wrote in honestyisabitch,
More Cowbell!

Experience vs. Change? My ass

So this morning on CNN there was all of the pundits talking about the Iowa caucus. On the democratic side, several of them mentioned that the dividing line between voters was whether they felt experience was more important or change was more important. They mentioned that Hilary Clinton was the choice for those wishing for experience while Obama was the candidate of change.

Hilary Clinton is the candidate of experience? Are you fucking shittin me? What experience does she really have?

Is it the experience of being the wife of a philanderer that "stood by her man" even when he was porking someone in the oval office? Is it the experience of heading up a failed health care task force that would have dramatically bureaucratized health care? Is it the experience of someone who hid documents from the Whitewater investigation because it showed a conflict of interest in her working on the case? Is it the experience of being a "born again New Yorker" and jumping on the grave of Daniel Patrick Moynihan to run for his senate seat?

The only reason she won New York is her husbands popularity and she has been an incredibly ineffectual representative to New Yorkers. Remember, Hilary (like John Kerry) was one of the people who made impassioned speeches on the Senate floor about the dangers of Saddam Hussein and how the safety of the region and the long term safety of the United States required we take military action.

Experience? Please, tell me what experience she has to be President?

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