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Blah... holidays.

Holidays used to be a lot of fun. I remember as a kid not being able to sleep the night before Christmas. I loved the gifts, the decorations and days off at school.


Maybe it's because I don't have children, but I don't feel any holiday spirit at all. I promised myself I would get dressed up at Halloween, as I do every year, but I was too busy for a costume and my friends were so worried about the lay-offs at work, they didn't party.

I want to spend Thanksgiving in Las Vegas so I could avoid a family get together. I DO NOT WANT to bake a Turkey or have mash potatoes (which is what we do every year). I was purposely going to eat sushi or a hot dog or something completely un-Thanksgiving just cuz Thanksgiving has gotten so boring for me.

I don't want to get gifts this year for Christmas. Mostly it's because most of us have tight budgets right now and everyone is requesting that no one gets gifts. Personally, I just don't feel like it. BAAAAAH. I could care less. I'm not decorating the house either. I know we'll have parties and get togethers I must go to, but I'd rather stay home and surf the net.

I just want to be in Vegas. Vegas has become my happy place.

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